Volunteers are needed to maintain and improve the Cataraqui Trail in the following areas:

Trail Maintenance

Trail maintainers patrol a section of the trail on a regular basis and trim back branches, collect any garbage, ensure the water flow through culverts and fill in any holes in the trail surface. A work party of several volunteers is occasionally needed to mow the trail edges or clear beaver dams or erect/replace trail signs.  To volunteer for trail maintenance please send an email expressing your interest to info@crca.ca.

Membership and Public Relations

Volunteers are also needed to:

  • Attend local leisure shows to explain the trail to the public
  • Write informational material on the trail including the annual Cataraqui trail news.
  • Follow up by phone with past members/donors to encourage continuing membership.
  • Help with the planning and running of events and fundraisers. This includes the fall Bike and Hike fundraiser and wagon ride.

Anyone wanting to help as a trail volunteer or with questions about volunteering should contact the Cataraqui Trail message line at 613-546-4228 ext. 304 or by sending an email to info@crca.ca.