Trail Upgrades and Maintenance Activity in 2021

2021 has been a very active year with numerous trail upgrades and increasing capability within Cataraqui Conservation to contain vegetation growth along the trail. Trail upgrades and source of funding or assistance were:
Project/Initiative Funding/In-kind Support
Chaffeys Bridge Redecking Rural Economic Development Grant and Rideau Lakes Township
Trail Resurfacing (County Road 5 Eastward – Rideau Lakes Rideau Lakes Township
Trail Resurfacing (County Road 5 Westward) – Rideau Lakes Infrastructure Canada Improvement Project grant
Trail Parking County Road 5 and Highway 15 Rideau Lakes Township
Signage Improvements Friends of the Cataraqui Trail – Private Donor
Signage, Surface and Gate Improvements Crabtree Foundation
Parking Improvements Highway 15 and Indian Lake Road Crabtree Foundation
Maintenance projects included:
Activity Funding/In-kind Support
Mowing, Maintenance (Smiths Falls, Rideau Lakes, South Frontenac) Cataraqui Conservation staff & equipment
Mowing, vegetative management and surface maintenance (Stone Mills) Stone Mills Township
Vegetative Management (Smiths Falls to MacGilvray Road) Rideau Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club
Spring Clean-up Month Friends of the Cataraqui Trail – Trans Canada Trail Grant