Board Responsibilities

The Cataraqui Trail Management Board was responsible for the following:

  • managing the Cataraqui Trail in accordance with the approved management plan
  • preserving the continuity of the trail corridor for recreation and educational uses
  • maintaining the multi-use facilities and representing the interests of the trail users, adjoining land owners, the municipalities along the Trail, tourism groups and other interested groups
  • preserving and enhancing the natural and human heritage along the corridor.

The section of the Cataraqui Trail from Harrowsmith to Smiths Falls is designated as part of the Trans Canada Trail and was officially opened in September 2000. The work of keeping the Trail open was the responsibility of the CTMB.

Over the past years, the CTMB has repaired and replaced bridges and culverts, improved trail surfaces and installed trail signage. Ongoing maintenance is also a key responsibility. Some of the trail development and maintenance work has been done with a tremendous amount of assistance from the snowmobile clubs and the municipalities.

The CTMB has also organized teams of volunteers to help monitor and maintain the trail.

All of the funds to operate, develop and maintain the trail were raised by the CTMB. These funds were generated by community donations, membership sales, fundraising events and grant applications.