Extension of ATV access from Verona to Harrowsmith

Many members of the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail are concerned that extending the use of ATVs on the K&P Trail from Verona to Harrowsmith will result in more illegal use of ATVs on the Cataraqui Trail.

We need your input. Until June 21st, you can complete the 3 minute survey below to have your say on the proposed extension of ATV use on the K&P Trail from Verona to Harrowsmith.


The Cataraqui Trail Master Plan notes the exclusion of motorized vehicles with the exception of Snowmobiles with valid OFSC pass in winter and authorized maintenance vehicles.  There are many reasons for this which are covered in the FAQ page of this website.

Officially, the proposed extension should not change the use of the Cataraqui Trail. However, there is already illegal use of the Cataraqui Trail by ATVs. Extending the use of ATVs on the K&P Trail to Harrowsmith invites more illegal ATV use on the Cataraqui Trail due to lack of effective means to block access at Harrowsmith. And, of course, the roadbed is shared for about a kilometre through Harrowsmith.

Concerns of ATVs on the Cataraqui Trail, include:

  • Safety – increased risks for cyclists, walkers and those on horseback
  • Increased Noise and Air Pollution – not appreciated by residents, trail users, or tourists
  • Parking at Harrowsmith Inadequate – resulting in cars parked on the shoulder
  • Cutting Down Gates – already too widespread and costly
  • Decreased Use By Cycling/Walking Clubs & Tourists – safety, noise, dust, deteriorating trail bed & lack of adequate, safe parking would make the trail less attractive to cycling/walking clubs & tourists

The Friends of the Cataraqui Trail have serious concerns about this proposal and its ultimate effect on the Cataraqui Trail

When you take the survey, you will have the opportunity to give your own personal reasons for your opinion on the proposed extension of ATV use on the K&P trail to Harrowsmith.  We encourage you to vote and to be as specific as possible with your comments.  Your participation is important!

Please share this a link to this page with friends and family.

You may also share your concerns at the following public meeting:

Date & Time: Wednesday July 5, 2023 – 10:00 AM
Location: Verona Lions Hall, 4504 Sand Rd, Verona, ON

Thank you for your continued support of the Cataraqui Trail.