bikes400The Cataraqui Trail follows the former Canadian National railway line. The steel rail and wooden ties were removed in 1989 and the trail has a gravel surface.

In places a layer of new gravel has been added, in others, the trail has become grassy dirt.  Generally, a bike with hybrid or mountain bike tires is recommended.  About 31km out of the 102km total (30%) has a “nice” surface for most cyclists. Some sections are very rough and difficult for the average cyclist. The good and the rough sections are:

Good surface:

km 0-5 Smith Falls (recently resurfaced with fine gravel – very smooth)
km 24.8-26.2 South of Portland
km 62.9-63.5 West of Norway Rd
km 66.8-68.2 West of Hogan Rd (resurfaced with stone dust – very smooth)
km 74.2-78.9 K&P trail and east to Loughborough-Portland Rd
km 84.3-102 Stone Mills Township  (resurfaced with stone dust – very smooth)
km 78.9-84.3 West of Harrowsmith to Stone Mills Township (recently resurfaced)

Rough surface:

km 32-34.5 East of Hwy 15
km 54.9 Subject to flooding
km 55.5-58.8 MacGillivray to Maple Leaf

Please alert slower moving trail users of your presence, so that they can move aside and allow you to pass safely.