The financial support of trail users and other individuals is an important source of funds for the ongoing improvement and maintenance of the trail. We encourage those who regularly use the trail to support it financially. Invest in a $25 membership and/or make a donation. Donations of more than $10 are tax-deductible as the Cataraqui Trail is a registered charity (Registered Charitable Number 106879158RR001).

Memberships may be purchased and donations made online at  Please note that payments are made through the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority website.  Memberships run from January to December every year.

The Cataraqui Trail Management Board usually approves an operating budget of about $20,000 which covers taxes, mowing, beaver management, signage, culvert repairs, advertising, web/brochures, tools, and maintenance materials.  Raising the funds for this requires 800 members at $25 each, far below our current membership levels.  And this amount of funding only maintains the trail in it’s current state.

At this time there are still about 50 kilometres of the trail that require complete resurfacing.  At a cost of approximately $15,000 per kilometre for resurfacing the Board is looking at a $1,500,000 need.

Grants from various governments and agencies have been critical to getting the trail to it’s current state.  Most grants require matching funds or at least a substantial contribution from the Board.  We have been very fortunate that local governments, businesses and other organizations have assisted with some of these matching funds. Our thanks go to

Lennox & Addington County
Township of Stone Mills
South Frontenac Township
Frontenac County
Rideau Lakes Township
Town of Smiths Falls
Lombardy Golf Course
Lennox & Addington Ridge Runners
Leeds & Grenville Snowmobile Association
National Trails Coalition
Trans Canada Trail
Eastern Ontario Development Program (Frontenac and Valley Heartland CFDCs)
Davies Foundation

The Board is also active with fundraising events such as our annual Bike or Hike or other more recent events such as the benefit dinner at the Opinicon.