The management of the Cataraqui Trail changed in 2019.  The Cataraqui Trail Management Board (CTMB) which had managed the Cataraqui Trail since it’s inception ceased operation on June 30, 2019.  In it’s place the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) is taking over full responsibility and management of the Trail.  In addition, the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail (FCT) has been formed to advocate for the sustainability, enjoyment and stewardship of the Cataraqui Trail supporting public use and promotion of the Trail.  The FCT assists the CRCA as a volunteer work force for light maintenance and to monitor and report trail hazards and maintenance issues to the CRCA.

On June 15, 2019 the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Cataraqui Trail was held in the Sydenham Branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library.  During this meeting the FCT constitution was passed and 8 members were elected to the 16 member Board of  Directors.  Eight more members of the Board are yet to be appointed by municipalities, snowmobile clubs and the CRCA.  The first meeting of the new FCT Board is planned for Thursday September 28 where all members of the FCT are welcome to attend and participate.   Anyone purchasing a membership to either Cataraqui Trail or the FCT since January 1, 2019 is a member in good standing.  Anyone with an interest in the trail is encouraged to purchase a membership through this website, at the CRCA office, or at the door prior to the Board meeting.

In the past the Cataraqui Trail was managed by the Cataraqui Trail Management Board, a 20 member volunteer group that represented community interests along the Cataraqui Trail. The CTMB worked with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority to develop and maintain the Cataraqui Trail.