The Cataraqui Trail

The Cataraqui Trail is a year-round, shared-use recreation trail running approximately 103 km from Smith Falls in the east to Strathcona in the west.

In spring, summer and fall it welcomes everyone from hikers to cyclists. In winter it is open to snowmobilers bearing a current Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs trail permit. Cross-country skiers are welcome to share the trail.

Other than snowmobiles in season and electrically assisted bicycles all other motorized vehicles are prohibited.

We encourage all users to purchase an annual (Jan to Dec) $25 membership.

Trail Alerts

The snowmobile clubs that groom and maintain a snowmobile trail on the Cataraqui Trail have announced the official end of the snowmobile season.  The Lennox and Addington Ridgerunners and the Leeds and Grenville Snowmobile Association will be closing and locking the gates on Sunday March 31, 2019.

The gates are open during snowmobile season to allow snowmobilers with a valid OFSC permit to use the Trail. They are closed during the balance of the year to keep other motorized vehicles off the Cataraqui Trail. Other than snowmobiles, only authorized maintenance vehicles are allowed to have access to the Trail.

No other known issues.